The next season of Pitti Filati’s Research Space is under the theme of the flag. Called "Yarns United", more than 100 flags waved during the last edition, one for every exhibition that gravitates around the great United Nations of the Yarn.
The primary colours are transformed into new, less defined tones that are in constant dialogue with each other. The concept of shading and scaling of colours is once again confirmed as the trendiest chromatic mood for the next season, where the tones will become softer and more inclusive to create a captivating mix.
Six themes will develop in a playful and carefree way to express the most interesting visual aspects of flags:

ORIENT, inspired by naval flags, in search of new basic shapes and colours;
WAVE, where the flags are broken down with lightness and freshness into coloured geometries, coming alive with folds and overlays of transparencies;
TWINNING, flags as a sign of sharing, where the colours and traces of different cultures, textile traditions merge to create an unusual and surprising vision;
HERALDRY, the flags come alive with mythical and symbolic figures that animate playful and contemporary micro and macro patterns;
THE MOON AND THE STARS, dedicated to some of the most recurring symbols of the flags, which will animate the most romantic and precious knits of the summer season.
NGOs, the focus is on emphasising the importance of the need for constant commitment to the environment and ethical working practices, merging the chromatic suggestions of the graphics of the NGOs with those of the environment to be defended and supported.