Present since the early eighties in the field of printing on objects with the production of automation and products for pad printing machines, the Tosh group claims an experience and vocation for innovation that has allowed it to develop products recognised around the world for their qualitative standards and avant-garde technology. With the new series of INKJET UV machines, it takes a new step forward in the evolution of digital printing, while clearly accelerating in terms of quality and productivity. At the last edition of Simac, two versions of this machine were presented: INKJET UV Single-Pass LINEAR (in 70- and 140-mm printing widths) and Multipass 65TR. Both combine perfect interaction between mechanics and intelligent electronics, allowing for decorative solutions of the highest quality.
INKJET UV Single-Pass Linear is the machine with the highest productivity and printing quality currently available on the market. The printing technology on which it is based is state-of-the-art with UV Led Curing Technologies, allowing for the installation of up to six colour channels, with an eight-level variable drop grey scale for the absolute best definition of fine lines. It allows one or two heads to be mounted for printing on a white background, as a base for four-colour printing, for an excellent quality print, or one head for the application of primer or varnish to protect the printed colours. Among the applications allowed by Single-Pass, especially interesting is also the repass function, which allows for high-speed digital decorations to be traced over multiple times, thereby eliminating the hypothetical defect of the line that is typical of single pass printing.
The Multipass 65TR allows for the simultaneous printing of both the right and left shoe, obviously in four-colour printing, with the addition, if needed, of primer or varnish. In the 5 or 6-head version, it can arrive at greater productivity, around 80% more than the model with 4 printing heads, while always guaranteeing an extremely high resolution. Linear 14UV Multipass 65-TRUV