The 2030 Agenda drawn up by the UN sets 17 objectives regarding sustainable development aimed at people, our planet and its prosperity; point 12 emphasises the importance of guaranteeing production and consumption models that aim at “doing more and better with less”. Following these indications Olians has decided to found "OLIANS 4 R.ECYCLE", a new division that deals with the production of thermoplastic polymers from pre-consumer by-products, and thus creating opportunities and resources from what until now was considered nothing else but waste.
What is meant by pre-consumer recycling? The recovery of all those by-products (scraps/production waste) daily generated during the various production processes. Most of these by-products are still destined for disposal in already exhausted landfills and not properly organised for their management.  Unlike post-consumer recycling, what is recycled has not yet been used by the market.

Olians 4 R.ecycle has decided to focus on this type of recycling by developing a series of recycled TPUs in different colours, from black to white, up to an innovative recycled material in a transparent/opal version, which allows it to be subsequently added with master to obtain whatever desired colour.
The constant verification of the quality of the recovered scraps allows Olians 4 R.ecycle to transform them into a product with features comparable to a first choice material, with recycled percentages that can reach a use of about 95% . Moreover, thanks to an innovative colour sorting system, Olians 4 R.ecycle is able to recover mixed multicolour production scraps and divide them colour by color as needed.

Thanks to this new recycling technology, Olians 4 R.ecycle can be called the first Italian company in the TPU field to have obtained, for pre-consumer recycling, the GRS Global Recycled Standard certification, the most widespread certification in the world, that guarantees the use of recycled raw materials within a production process or product. Furthermore, Olians 4 R.ecycle uses a verified by-product management system deemed compliant to operate according to the UNI 10667 – 2017 standard by I.I.P. the Italian Institute of Plastics – one of the most important systems and product certification bodies in the plastics supply chain.

During the latest Lineapelle edition, Olians 4 R.ecycle also promoted a project aimed at making the world of fashion and footwear understand how, even today, it is possible to make a shoe produced with recycled and recyclable materials, obtaining models that do not differ in anything, neither in quality nor in aesthetics, from those made until now.
To do this, Olians, which developed recycled base materials used to make the sole, involved some strategic partners such as Asoltex, which made all the recycled fabrics used in the upper, and Industria Chimica Mediterranea, supplier of green tips and counters.
Some brands have already focused on this project, but it can also be embraced by brands that aim at large-scale distribution.