There are three trends that WGSN identifies for the coming summer 2022 season presented by trend analysist Jess Tang: Resourceful, Connected and Euphoric, where the creativity of footwear designers will be fully expressed, focusing above all of values like craft workmanship and sustainability.

Doing better with less, for a sustainable and responsible future

Re-evaluating the rapport with the things we use, on how they are made, with an attitude that is more local than global, while looking to practicality, sustainability, and craft workmanship: this is the Resourceful concept. It is based on a use of quality natural materials and on handmade balanced processes. In a world that increasingly scrutinizes means of production, it embraces a minimalist philosophy and a change in mentality that is expressed through products that require fewer resources, while promoting collaborative projects. The colour palette of reference prefers pastel and natural tones, including earthy and green nuances.

Marcela B

The concepts:

Beautiful limitarianism

Focusing on reducing environmental impact through seasonless proposals and minimalist fashion details with a sophisticated look. Revamping classic shapes in their construction, with hardware contrasts and squared shapes. Leather is the material of choice together with glocal materials.

Elevated Craft

Craftsmanship with a sophisticated look replies to the need for handcrafted products, which are expressed through natural, sustainable, and raw materials like raffia and bamboo, and rough fibres with natural shades. The reference is that of the Arts&Crafts movement.

Into the Garden

The renewed post-pandemic appreciation for open spaces evolves in a playful story that celebrates gardening and local living. It is expressed through sandals that can be worn indoors or outdoors and waterproof boots with a rubber sole in a utility version. The materials are vegetable-based, with natural shades and artisanal finishes.

Shore Thing

A more refined direction veined with nostalgia and the desire to escape in reply to the uncertain times in which we live. It is expressed with natural materials, decorations like shells and organic pearls, and transitional materials arriving from other seasons. With a handcrafted style, it is inspired by the art of tradition.

Trends to keep in mind:

-  craftsmanship as a priority

– thinking of “limitarianism” more than minimalism

– presenting new inspirations from the countryside

– updating must-haves with unusual colours

Connected in a disconnected world

Multifunctional design that focuses on versatility and in providing reassurance in uncertain times. The Connected mood explores how we interact with others and ourselves in a world that is being revolutionized. Extremely versatile trends, where opposing ideas find common ground and where digital technology is blended with spirituality. Design is less oriented towards the product and more towards experience and functionality. The palette favours brighter pastel tones, yellows and greens, and sand and black colours.

Room HQ

The concepts:

Business Casual

In the transition towards a more flexible way of working that is often from home, a limitarianist design of sartorial shoes emerges. Balanced between formal and a softer aesthetic, it can be found in garments that can be worn both inside and outside the home. Among the premium materials are soft nappa and smooth leather.

Summer Comfort

In search of a design characterised by softness, with 3D silhouettes and padded structures. It expresses itself through materials like soft leather, paddings, woven designs, and new textures for soles.

Everyday Utility

Guided by the utilitarian look of virtual commuters and connected to survivalism, this style translates into a sophisticated and technical aesthetic. The materials are recycled nylon, smooth leather, and materials of vegetable origins. Hardware details create contrasting elements, like oversized chains and silvery metallic decorations. The design is modular with constructions that highlight practicality and comfort, with attention to well-being and respect for the environment.

Raw Modernism

The appeal of antique know-how replies to the post-pandemic need for reassurance. Metallic details with a used look, and antique amulets, stones, shells and wood decorate shoes, and are matched with smooth leather, materials of vegetable origins, and raffia in natural shades, giving a second life to ready-made pieces, which are updated in their design.

Trends to keep in mind:

-  digital design

– reassurance through a design that focuses on technical innovation

– a transition towards flexible working arrangements, which translates into leisure-lifestyle pieces

– investing in sustainable materials

In the spirit of optimism

Indulgent and joyful, perfect for important occasions, while replying to the desire of consumers to escape: the Euphoric trend offers a design capable of exalting positivity, even with radical results. Dramatic and with a rebellious side, it celebrates creativity and the desire for freedom, with handmade highlights and a mix&match of elements in a vibrant approach to craft workmanship. A restyling of past references, recycling that is supported by subculture movements, a sense of luxury, and extreme quality, with a palette of positive, vibrant, and psychedelic-inspired colours.

Nina Ricci

 The concepts:

Retro Resort

A retro style that exalts a desire for freedom that is expressed through synthetic and recycled materials, and natural organics, for a design that revamps with a vein of nostalgia the leading trends of the past.

Vibrant Vacation

Digital design that explores the theme of escape with vibrant designs. The colours are energetic and of great impact, featuring ocean and tropical tones, along with materials coming from the world of sports and the nautical lifestyle, expressed in rich textures.

Dark Fantasy Tropics

Inspired by the tropical evenings and sunsets, and by ocean reflections, it refreshes the products of summer. Decorations, colours, and prints lead the way: mother-of-pearl reflections, stones, floral and jungle themes, for metamorphic structures, and colours in the nuances of blue and green, provide a new opportunity to recover old stock.

Super Craft

In line with the emersion of the co-artisanal movement, it expresses its creativity on a glocal level: the collaborations lead to the development of collections in the spirit of an authentic ethical and environmental responsibility. The design is expressed with decorations like beads, fringes, and artisanal fabrics, in bright colours and with bold details.

Outdoor Flare

It embraces the joy of the outdoors with a trend founded on performance, which is however exalted by a joyful feeling. The design is accessible with playful details and attention to quality.

Trends to keep in mind:

– reflection on a euphoric mood retro

– themes inspired by nostalgia

celebrating kitsch craftsmanship

– redefining the essentials of the summer