The fashion industry, often pointed to as being one of the most excessive expressions of consumerism, is trying to reduce its ecological footprint and the emissions of its production processes and distribution. One of the critical factors that can make the difference in reducing the times and costs of production and, in the case of e-commerce, manage shipments and returns with greater efficiency and less waste (the latter is responsible for producing almost 3 million tons of waste per year with 15 million tons in CO2 emissions), is logistics.

This is why in the e-fashion world the Italian tailoring business Tresarti decided to choose ShippyPro, a platform for managing the shipment, tracking, and return of orders, which has always been attentive to the environment and a promoter of a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. A choice that is coherent with the sustainable mission of Tresarti, offering an easy and fast tailoring experience at the right price. In just three steps the customer takes the measurements thanks to Machine Learning technology (with an approximation to 97%), designs his shirt by choosing from 20 million different combinations, in a wide range of organic and recycled fabrics, made with techniques that produce less waste and processes that comply with a strict sustainability code, and receives it.

From its end, ShippyPro allows the company to easily ship, track, and return its e-commerce orders around the world, improving the processes of distribution, thanks to effective tools: the Label Creator that prints hundreds of shipping labels in just a few clicks, compares the shipping rates of carriers, and chooses the best option. There is then Track&Trace for tracking every shipment; Easy Return; and Live Checkout, which reduces cart abandonment rate by offering a greater number of delivery options, while comparing the various shipping rates of carriers. A fast, less expensive service that pollutes less: thanks to Premium API “CO2 impact” dedicated to Enterprise customers, it’s possible to calculate the environmental impact of shipments and collect data that supports a sustainable strategy.

“Our satisfaction lies in our ability to deliver genuine Made in Italy, high quality shirts with perfect wearability in a short amount of time, requiring minimum efforts by the customer, so as to not have returns. – comments Tresarti – ShippyPro is fundamental in allowing our process of returns to function without setbacks: when a customer requests it, we directly invite them onto the return portal via email”.