The winners of the design contest organized by ACICAM will attend the school for footwear model makers in Milan

To the satisfaction of all it was unanimously decided to assigned the first prize in the footwear design contest organized by the Colombian Footwear Association ACICAM and sponsored, among others by Ars Sutoria, jointly to two of the eight finalists chosen from over 700 entrants.

They are Adriana Lara and Cristian Rodriguez, two young Colombian designers who entered their creations named, respectively, Shiny Night and Clasicos Reconstruidos.

Both have been offered a study grant to attend the Ars Sutoria School for model makers in Milan. The panel of international experts of the contest, including Marco Magalini of Vogue Talent Italia, Xavier Latapie of Modemonline of Paris and Milena Buttarello, senior trainer of the Ars Sutoria School, judged the works according to such criteria as originality, concept, coherence and communication.