Antonio Quirici

«We wanted to develop this project with Santoni, ambassador in the world of style and taste made in Italy, to tell in detail the charm represented by all the production phases of high quality footwear, starting from the processing and selection of sole leather, which is the starting point for each model». It is Antonio Quirici, president of Cuoio di Toscana – the brand that was born with the aim of representing the Tuscan tanning district of slow vegetable tanning in the world – who explains the special project “A Unique Sole”.

Unveiled on 10 October 2019 – on the occasion of the 10th ‘Vendemmia’ (Grape Harvest), the Milanese event that combines wine and fashion, art and luxury in a series of exclusive locations – the project includes the creation of a short movie and a capsule collection.

The fashion short movie – created from an idea by Fabiana Giacomotti, fashion designer and professor of Fashion Studies at La Sapienza University, directed by filmmaker Andrea Pugiotto and produced by Aria Advertising – is about a backwards journey that leads from the finished shoe to the places where its unique and special soul is born: the sole.
An opportunity to admire the meticulous and delicate phases of the Santoni shoe manufacturing process and the suggestive tannery environments with centuries-old history and tradition. All accompanied by Giuseppe Santoni, managing director of the family business and one of the world’s leading leather experts.

Giuseppe Santoni

“A Unique Sole” also took the form of a capsule collection of two models, for him and her, united by the iconic Santoni double buckle. It is the perfect synthesis of Santoni taste, style and creative inspiration combined with the highest quality of the raw material, signed by Cuoio di Toscana. The quality is guaranteed by slow vegetable tanning, a natural and sustainable method; an ancient process based on the use of tannins made from chestnut, mimosa and quebracho wood.

«A collaboration that will promote the Cuoio di Toscana brand on all social media and we also expect to extend it to other important fashion brands», concludes Antonio Quirici.

The essence of leather
Cuoio di Toscana has also presented a beautiful pilot project of brand extension: a real essence capable of capturing the unique, recognisable smell of leather, that fascinates and involves your senses. Precious limited edition bottles, that enhance the scent of leather, a component of sophisticated fragrances since the Renaissance.