Starting back up with great enthusiasm after the period of forced lockdown, STEMMA immediately presented “V.A.R”, an advanced system for monitoring the processes of polyurethane foaming in the field of footwear production.

VAR has by now become a word commonly used to indicate the video assisted system used by soccer referees to analyse those plays that are the most difficult to interpret in soccer. STEMMA has accordingly taken the acronym VAR and associated it with the term “Video Assisted Report”, while transferring the concept to machines for the production of footwear with polyurethane soles, in order to provide users with a reliable tool that monitors and analyses productive processes.

Just like in a soccer game, the VAR of STEMMA offers the technician of the moulding system the possibility to re-examine every single injection and, through specific software, immediately identify eventual deviations from the standard values of the process that could become sources of malfunctioning or indicate where a reparation might need to be made to the machine.

All that occurs in the injection process is monitored and every parameter is recorded, stored, and analysed through internal software. Thanks to this technological support, the operator will have a tool and procedure that can be followed every time an anomaly occurs during the injection process.

VAR is only the latest in the monitoring systems that are integrated in the state-of-the-art machines of STEMMA to allow for greater efficiency in production and in the organisation of the processes.

All the company’s innovations are developed in an industry 4.0 scope, where the machine is interconnected with the company’s informational system, where the processes are meticulously monitored, where the data is stored and constantly analysed and where production is optimized through management and production scheduling software.