Among the latest innovations branded Vibram and designed to reply to the needs of the most expert mountaineers, for Spring/Summer 2022, we find Vibram Durastep, the innovative compound designed for mountaineering and all outdoor sports, where consistent performance over time and at low temperatures makes all the difference. Heavy-duty hiking boots are characterised by a rigid and reinforced structure, meant to hold the foot steady and keep it stable and safe inside the shoe. When facing the most difficult kinds of terrain, climbers need to feel safe and steady with each step taken and this sole, which is characterised by resistance and superior longevity, perfectly satisfies this need. Vibram Durastep represents a bona fide ‘performance concentrate’, specifically designed by the research and development department of the company from Albizzate to maximise characteristics even at low temperatures, when dealing with uneven surfaces and terrain, conditions often encountered along the way during mountain ascents. Additionally, Vibram Durastep compound does not contain carbon black, which is generally used in compounds requiring durability, offering the dual advantage of a compound that can be coloured and which is also sustainable at the same time.