The firm in Albizzate has introduced the Vi-Lite compound applied to various novelties for the next warm season

Vibram – a world leader in the production of high performance rubber soles, founded in 1936 thanks to Vitale Bramani who, returning from a tragic Alpine ascent, decided to apply rubber under his mountaineering boots – has presented further innovations for summer 2014.

In particular there is a new application of the Vi-Lite compound, a foamed mixture for soles dedicated to the Lifestyle market that ensures lightness and great resistance to abrasion. It guarantees excellent cushioning and distribution of pressure on the plantar, as well as adapting to complex graphics.

New options include the Vibram® Genepy sole for men, in the Vibram® Vi-Lite compound, a classical look inspired by the Vibram® Betulla sole, whose clean and essential lines it retains. Vibram® Romeo e Giulietta soles for men and women are also clean-cut and simple with incorporated shock-absorbers.

Vibram® Lisk is a man’s sole that offers ultra lightness together with a good level of resistance to abrasion, whose design is inspired by the Vibram® Lisk sheet, although more vigorous thanks to the power of the regular profile. The waist area is left plain to give a more casual look.

Vibram® Crepe (also for men) ensures maximum lightness combined with good resistance to abrasion. This is a high profile sole characterized by deep horizontal flexion lines. This sole is inspired by the Vibram® Crepe sheet, to which has been added a design of ironical flavour and rugged taste.

Vibram® Roccia Vintage is a unisex sole featuring the classic Vibram corrugated look that keeps to the original design of 1937 enhanced, obviously, by the Vibram® Vi-Lite compound.