Vibram’s research, always aimed at developing new performing solutions for the footwear market, presents an innovative technology aimed at the outdoor and urban market that combines performance, comfort and durability. It is called Vibram® SpringLug Tech and encloses exceptional features in a sole to ensure versatility of use and safety on any type of terrain.

The new technology consists of a rubber shell that allows maximum protection and great resistance to abrasion and wear, and provides also grip and traction. It contains a low-density polyurethane within that maximises its comfort properties, offering the sole a great adaptability to uneven terrains.

These elements, which allow the footwear that implements Vibram® SpringLug Tech to offer unparalleled comfort features, adaptability to the ground and cushioning, have pushed La Sportiva, Vibram’s partner, a brand in advanced technical footwear, to adopt the new “Aequilibrium” technology, a series of lightweight and fast mountaineering footwear. The range, which consists of three different levels of technicality (TOP GTX, ST GTX and LT GTX), thanks to Vibram® SpringLug Tech, allows the mountaineer to tackle alpine terrain with maximum safety from home to the summit, passing through fast and light excursions during the day, to the most demanding technical passages on stony ground and mixed terrains.

“Vibram® SpringLug Tech represents a concentration of unprecedented technicality”, says Giordano De Vecchi, Vibram’s Tester Team Manager: “We have always been promoters of outdoor activities, raising awareness in consumers to use performing and, at the same time, safe and comfortable products. Another Vibram technology to ensure “confidence” at each step”.

Vibram® SpringLug Tech’s lightness and softness make it the right candidate for the sports and outdoor areas that first adopted it, and for urban land use.