For over 60 years, Zago has been developing new ideas to provide feet with greater safety, health and comfort, manufacturing high-quality moulds for direct injection of polyurethane onto upper for professional boots.

Why polyurethane (PU)? The company explains it well: “Because of its undisputed qualities, which have been widely recognised by the footwear market over the last 40 years and because it is clearly superior to PVC. An example for all: the tiny millions of air bubbles in the polyurethane provide the product with very high insulation”.

Polyurethane (PU) differs from other raw materials used in the industry of moulds for direct injection on the uppers because it is soft, elastic and comfortable. These three properties give the final product – the professional boots – high resistance to low temperatures, as well as providing excellent comfort, lightness, very high anti-slip property, flexibility at low temperatures, compliance with workplace safety standards established by international legislation. That’s why professional PU boots are the perfect footwear for the sanitary, food, agricultural, industrial (metallurgical and petrochemical) sectors, as well as for hunting and fishing.

Why choose Zago? Again, the company has an answer ready: “Because we have always been recognised as a forerunner in the field of moulds for the footwear industry. Because of the great attention to customers’ engagement in co-design and prototyping processes, the considerable focus on market trends, and because we know that an excellent mould starts with safety in mind”.