Trends for Spring-Summer 2015 developed by Cuir à Paris play with false appearances to invent new aspects

ILLUSION A false material or moral appearance that, by making us see things differently to how they are, seems to play with our senses. The season plays with mise en abyme and lines up a succession of “This is not…!” Trompe l’oeil and collective hallucinations make our heads spin. Creation takes inspiration from the unreal and the strange, but disguises it with normality to better mislead the universe and allow.

The unexpected to surge forth. We try to escape from a world of sterile automatisms, in search of strangeness. From the smooth surfaces and silhouettes showcased by the design and fashion of the moment will emerge intriguing anomalies, imperceptible at first glance.


SENTIMENTALIST ILLUSIONFacetious gnomes cast a spell on innocent and sweet lovers. Evanescent silhouettes become literally ghostlike. Characters go by pairs, hand-in-hand. Is this to get through the looking-glass quicker?
Prettily elegant. Colours are acidic; bleached mandarin, ruffled chick, celadon blue, mint green – but a grey mauve upsets the balance.
Materials are simple or ambivalent Washed and rewashed skins, softened and decoloured. – Gradations of colours – Rubbery textures and appearances – Measured reliefs – White wax on bright colours – Coloured vegetable leather – Flattened grains on porcelain or laminated surfaces – Geometric round grains – Simple lacquers on lightweight skins – Chambray or denim with a suede lining- Seersucker textures – Double sided, two-tone – Deckchair fabric – Spinnaker and light nylon – Little flowers mixed with manga designs – Coloured, tousled rabbit – Modest and demure perforations and embossings – Joyful digital prints, messages


IDEALISTIC ILLUSIONThe marketing of new minimalism oversells rigour. Under pressure and looking for balance, we feed on neoclassical references. But the uncluttered and the quest for the Golden Section are undermined by an irrepressible urge for imperfection, a leaning towards the distortion of lines and volumes. Perspectives are skewed and games with mirrors increase the impression of unreality. Decoloration. Colours are modified by the air and the reflections of the sky and water. Ethereal colours of clouds and shores bleached by the dawn light.
Quest for perfection Satin materials have iridescent highlights-Mother-of-pearl finishes on the surface – Crystal effects – Opaque metallics – Sandy, grainy leather – Babyskin textures – Mineral textures, marble, mica, shale, desert roses – Delicately brushed, pull up Impeccable glazing and waxing – Micro geometry – Surface incisions – Geometric embossing, destructured pleats – Textures of waves and dunes – Smooth vegetable leather – Fluid nappa – Box grains – Fine screen-printing


TECHNICAL ILLUSIONWe have fun with technology, a pretext for derision. Machines pile up and become wallpaper stuck on the walls of houses. Our life is a “Work in Progress”, a major installation that is never completed. Colours are mechanical and limited; iron grey, scraped rust, Bakelite yellow, burgundy Formica.
Materials take inspiration from industrial vocabulary -Texture of iron files – Rubbery appearance – Car tyre prints – Metallic lino – Pasted onto neoprene – Foamy leathers – Metallic pull up – Automatic perforations – Rubbed, abraded surfaces – Random cut-outs – Pasted onto neoprene – Foamy leathers


CRAFT AND GREEN ILLUSIONNature and waste as the pivots of contemporary art. Between futurism and nostalgia, artists seem to want to bind together the past and the present. They create giant, organic sculptures with the tree as their symbol. The palette is almost colour-free. The obvious neutrals are softened by a blotting-paper pink, enlivened by an intellectual green.
Craftsmanship and industry Materials play at imitation – Leather and tissue paper – Fake wood, fake lino, fake Bakelite, fake walls – Recoloured and softened after washing – Felted, mistreated appearance Waterproof, coloured vegetable leather – Surfaces that appear handpainted – Rubbed, damaged, worn surfaces – Irregular laser cut-outs


PSYCHEDELIC ILLUSIONMeditation goes further east and tends towards well-being. An hypnotic and dreamlike ritual is imposed whilst awaiting the revelation. Exuberant flowers create a bad spirit, are prey to hallucinations; they tend to be venimous even deadly. Saturation. The ultra-pigmentary palette is a jumble, dull and worrying. Dark purples rub shoulders with burnt red and fiery orange.
Changing highlights Heavy embossed and nubucked leather – Ancestral animals – Soft alligator – Greased leather, re-dyed vegetable – Burnt leather – Deep nubuck- Damp agave – Buffalo with enormous grains and excessive wrinkles – Chameleon – Sombre, animal designs-Flower prints engraved throughout the material – Exuberant flowers-Scarifications


AQUATIC ILLUSIONUnderwater, a mysterious world is in motion. Mythical creatures, submerged islands, underwater cities, seaweed and hair tangled with endangered coral. Fossilised treasure, forgotten by wreckers. Sediments of civilisations; a quixotic and worrying universe. Shades. Abyssal blue becomes watery to the extent of transparency. Turquoise is covered with white. Yellow oxidises and takes on an acid green hue.
Evanescent or mysterious materials Glazed surfaces – Slippery, liquid textures – Damp to the touch – Shiny scales – Changing highlights – Materials bleached by salt – Spongy nubuck – Light designs, watercoloured, in filigree. – Fish scales – Translucent reptile – Serpent parchment, membrane – Textured mother-of-pearl finish oculati – Allegre stampe inkjet e messaggi