Which is the “fairest” of them all? Snow White at the “Fair of the East”

The question bounces from one pavilion to another of any fairs in the footwear sector and the answer I like to hear is – for obvious reasons – “theMICAM”! But even Snow White’s beautiful stepmother quite rightly worried that one day there would appear an even greater beauty than herself, as we do practically every day. TheMICAM has just closed in Milan with good results, even if reflecting a rapidly changing market: less for Italy, Europe under pressure, the East and the USA in expansion. We also noted, amazingly, a further growth in the number of buyers from Russia (+30%), Ukraine (+22%), Kazakistan (+58%), Japan (+25%) and China (+8%). Lucio Battisti sang what roughly translates as

The light from the East… sun almost white as salt… little boots and above Her

Almost a prophecy. The little boots of consumers from the east, seen as widely embracing the whole Far East, focusing much on the hopes of many firms. This was the reason behind taking theMICAM east also with a first edition scheduled for Shanghai from 9 to 11 April. A complicated challenge which over 250 firms from twelve countries have taken up. Collaboration with Fiera Milano, Shanghai Fashion Week and many trade members promises well. We hope that the firms will bring – together with their collections – also many proposals for business and collaboration, because this is what China needs. It also needs a story to tell: “In China? No story, no sale” as the saying goes. So now we take to the “Fair of the East” great corporate stories but also little boots for “HER”, with black tresses and almond eyes, in fact the new Snow White.