We’ve all experienced it first-hand: when our minds are overloaded, and we must pull the plug and disconnect from everything, so we can recharge ourselves. So, why not do the same thing with your feet? This was the task that was given to Nike’s designers and their answer is the brand new, extraordinary Offline “anti-sneaker” mule. This footwear combines an experimental design with a slightly naïve look, with however technology that is anything but ingenious. In fact, Nike Offline allows you to recharge yourself thanks to two unique sensory midsoles, which are interchangeable based on mood and overall feeling. Sensation 001 is fitted with strategically placed nubs, which offer a massage-like experience for the wearer. Sensation 002 has a greater volume nub pattern for a comfortable prolonged wear time throughout the day. The design of the mule is characterised by a tongue with maxi-foam padding and an adjustable, cushioned strap to optimize comfort. Are you ready to “do nothing” so you can recharge with Nike Offline?