laure-wolffWORTH is the initiative funded by the European Union’s COSME program which aims to encourage the development of innovative products in the design and fashion, footwear, accessories and jewelery, leather, furniture and home decor sectors, through the creation of transnationals collaborations between designers, traditional and digital crafts, manufacturing and craft industries, supporting a total of 150 partnerships during a 4 year-project.

On the most important Milanese event in the world for design addicted people, which registered over 450,000 visitors last year, inside the Superdesign Show WORTH will exclusively present 25 highly innovative projects that have passed all the steps of the first call: one of the most visited and longed for events of the Superstudio Più in the Tortona District (17,000 square metres of exhibition space which recorded more than 100,000 visitors and 2,000 journalists accredited only in 2018), with the art direction of Giulio Cappellini, architect and designer who brought the homonymous brand to be among the most important “trend setters” in the world.


WORTH’s goal is to develop innovative products and ideas by promoting new ways of creating, collaborating, adopting disruptive techniques, processes and business models. The selected partnerships, in addition to receiving basic financial support, obtain personalised coaching and mentoring by international specialists and experts, receive support in accessing finance and market positioning, as well as in the protection of intellectual property, and participate in the activities of networks and in two international events where they can show their projects.

worth-milan-design-week-blogSuperdesign Show with its concept “less fair, more museum” is the first of these international events selected by Worth for quality, excellence and research in the selection of the best trends, that matches its philosophy of giving new propulsion to the creative industry and the most disruptive project.

During the Milan Design Week 2019, the protagonists of the winning patnerships of the first call will be able to show the successes and progress of their products, tell their experience and share a new way of making innovative design based on international collaboration.

SKARABEOS (AUSTRIA) STRETCHABLE CIRCUITS (GERMANY): Skarabeos is an alarm-protected bag connected to an APP service. The idea is to develop the second step of the project through WORTH Partnership Project.

ELISA PALOMINO (UK) CAMPOMAGGI & CATERINA L. (ITALY) ATLANTIC LEATHER (ICELAND): The aim to develop an innovative and sustainable method to produce fish leather products for high fashion by creating new techniques, processes, and finishings.

HEELENA (GERMANY) JORIDA PAPA (UK) THE PROJECT: Using the technology developed by HEELENA, and the design expertise of Joripapa, the project aims to involve strong fashion design elements into the HEELENA foldable heel technology.

LAURE WOLFF (UK) LA MANUELITA (ITALY): Creation of a pioneer footwear brand based on non-seasonal style, offering personalisation and sustainability of the future of fashion.

ADBUSE + GEOBAND (SPAIN) CASTELLARI (ITALY): A new collection of bags called Edbora, where tradition and technology are matched

2019, 9-14 of April

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WORTH Partnership Project

An initiative of the European Commission that aims to support collaboration between PMs and start-ups of designers, producers and technology companies to create new products and implement innovative and disruptive ideas. The initiative is implemented by a consortium across Europe, in the belief that creative industries (SMEs and start-ups) are the main drivers of economic growth in Europe.