The new incredible plaza shining the fashion industry and revealing to the world on 14th August, 2013

YUEXIU FORTUNE WORLD PLAZA ( it’s going to open soon. With its brand excellence of over 30 years, YUEXIU PROPERTY has become the leader in the industry. Nowadays they created the largest shoe and raw material market in local shoe wholesale business circle (Zhanxi business district, Guangzhou, China).
YUEXIU FORTUNE WORLD PLAZA will become the No.1 platform of shoes exhibition and trade in Southern China. As a never-end shoe industrial giant, YUEXIU FORTUNE WORLD PLAZA which stands at the center of the “Billions Business Circle” covers an area of 260,000 square meters and will upgrade shoe commerce and trade.
YUEXIU PROPERTY has successfully operated for over 30-year and the YUEXIU FORTUNE WORLD PLAZA, as their newest masterpiece, carries innovative business model aiming to comprehensively uplifting the business management level. They have already partnered with over 1,000 merchants. All shoes traders from all over the world will find an incredible new place for their business.