“I shall pass this way but once; any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. These words of Dale Carnegie inspire me when I have to make everyday decisions in the company I lead” – says Giorgio Zago, at the head of Zago Moulds Solutions, a leader in the design and manufacturing of footwear moulds with direct injection on the upper for more than 60 years.

Tell us the 'secret' of these over 60 years of activity and international growth ….

My father founded it in 1958 and since then, every day, we have been doing what we know best for customers all over the world: designing, innovating, improving. Our work has always been "behind the scenes": it begins and ends when a shoe is not yet a shoe. But its shape, comfort and safety are formed in our hands. In other words, we are the mould makers of the… walk. Anywhere in the world, shoe manufacturers know this well: a safe, healthy and comfortable walk starts with moulds. This is why we strive every day to enhance the latest technological innovations and provide our customers with the best moulds at the best delivery conditions and at the best quality – price ratio. Our know-how combines two values that we have never ceased to cherish: tradition and innovative drive. Our customers have often recognised that we are pioneers in the sector of moulds for the footwear industry. For this reason, we are not afraid of competing with national and international companies.

How important is the 'price' variable today?

The price is, of course, an important factor, but only up to a certain point. What makes the difference lies beyond that "point". It is in two key ideas that inspire the production of our moulds: flexibility and accuracy. On the one hand, we follow and test the constant evolution of the footwear sector to accommodate and satisfy the increasingly complex needs of our customers. On the other hand, we strive to ensure that the final product matches or exceeds the client's precise requests. All the companies that have working relationships with us know they can count on the highest quality moulds at competitive prices. They know that, when we commit, we respect the established agreements and deadlines.

What kind of moulds do you offer to your Italian and international customers today?

Our mould production is very large and includes:

●       Moulds for footwear in combination of RUBBER-PU materials with double performance: resistance to abrasion and lightness. They are footwear moulds used in medium-high risk work environments and worn by the police. Their grip is similar to that of trekking shoes.

●       Moulds for footwear in combination of TPU-PU materials. These are moulds intended for footwear manufacturers producing multicolored soles. Their features are: flexibility, abrasion resistance and lightness.

●       Injection moulds for footwear with PU-RUBBER shafts designed for the safety boot manufacturers of the food sector.

●       Moulds for PU and PU-PU footwear worn for leisure and outdoor life.

To facilitate our customers' choice, we have grouped Zago moulds into six product categories:

SAFETY | Workplace

TREKKING | Uneven Ground

CASUAL | Everyday Walk

OUTDOOR | Outdoor Sport

DEFENSE | Tactical situation

OUTDOOR | Thermo-Grip environment

In addition to these, there is a recently conceived category, of which we are particularly proud:

POSTURAL | Healthy Walk

When realising each product category we use the most advanced technologies available today for CAD-CAM design applications, CNC milling and for the creation of complex profiles and increasingly accurate finishes. At the heart of our corporate mission we put the satisfaction of our customers – no ifs and buts. Each mould we produce guarantees our customers' customers the healthiest, safest and most comfortable walk. This is the authentic culture of Zago Moulds Solutions, today one of the most modern companies in the sector and the undisputed Italian reference point for the world's footwear industry.