The release of – natural and synthetic – microfibres into the environment and in particular into oceans puts marine life and consequently also the human food chain at risk. A sensitive issue that prompted the ZDHC Foundation, which aims to implement the Road Map to Zero in the fashion world, to join The Microfibre Consortium, a leader in understanding and mitigating the formation of microfibres. Putting together each other’s expertise, they are preparing a white paper to be released in November to level understanding on this topic, with guidelines, test methods and limit values to hold the industry accountable. Under the robust analysis of TMC and the collaboration of ZDHC’s stakeholders, it contains the different types of fabric and the production phases, especially the wet one, which is the most critical. “Our goal – says Sophie Mather, executive director of TMC – is to accelerate the agenda towards the necessary change”.

Sophie Mather